Why email marketing works

I’m often asked, “why don’t you quit your job?”  

You see, I have a full-time job.  A full-time job that I LOVE.  

My job is to provide training and personal advising to small business owners on how to succeed in their business.  Most of the services I provide are low-cost or FREE.  People like free.

And I’m often asked, “why don’t you start your own business?

Am I too scared?  Does my own advice not work?

Nope.  A lot of folks miss the part about me LOVING my job.  And this whole “Increasing Leads with Video Storytelling” business is working out pretty well too, so I am able to have the best of both worlds.

But I will admit that having a full-time job, a lovely wife and three kids, does not leave me a lot of time to operate my own small business.

That’s why I love email marketing.  

I can set it up to send anytime and check my inbox when I’m not on the clock.

It works on its own when I’m working on my own.
And the best part?  IT WORKS ON ITS OWN!

I get good leads every time I send out my email marketing.  EVERY FREAKING TIME.  

Sometimes, it’s not a lead.  Sometimes, it’s a straight up sale!  

Why?  Isn’t email dead?  Everybody is on Spacepage, Instaface, and Snapgram, (yeah, I’m a heavy LinkedIn user) right? 

  • Well, there are 3x more email accounts than Twitter and Facebook accounts combined. (Radicati Group)
  • And email is 40x more successful at acquiring new clients than either Facebook or Twitter.  (McKinsey & Company)

And yes, adding video to your content gives you another major boost.

  • 70% of internet traffic is now video (Cisco) and 80% of internet users will click on video or images in their search results before clicking on anything else (webwalkersolutions)
  • In fact, adding video to your email campaigns can increase click rates by 300% (Wistia)

This is why you will see video in almost every bit of the email marketing I do. 

It doesn’t just work for me, but also works for other folks too.

I recently created a video about termite control for PEST Inc. and they used it in their last email campaign.

Owner, Julie Yant said,

“I posted our latest termite video in our monthly newsletter and we not only booked several appointments but, sold a couple of large jobs as a result.”


There are several right and wrong ways to do email marketing, but the key is just getting started!

Ready to boost your leads with email marketing?  Feel free to email me with any questions at all.  Or if you want it done for you, I can help there too:)

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