I've been watching you

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I recently had a new client contact me to let me know they were ready to buy. I didn’t know that they were even looking, much less ready to buy.  She stated that she had been wanting to do video for a while, but the time had not been right yet.  She said, “I've been watching you”, but not in that Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction sort of way.  In the “I’ve been reading your blog posts and watching your videos” sort of way.  This had eased her concerns and motivated her to get going.

Instead of wondering what took her so long to buy, I was just happy that I had been top of mind for her.  Why?

Because, people are ready to buy, when they are READY to buy.

According to The Ultimate Sales Machine (shady sounding title, but a good book) says this:

  • 3% of people are ready to buy now
  • 7% are open to buying your product, but not actively pursuing it
  • 30% are neutral, meaning they haven’t even thought about your products (but may be interested)
  • 30% think they are satisfied with their existing solution (but not completely unreachable)
  • 30% are completely uninterested in your product or service

So do you only focus on the 3% and ignore the other 67%?  

Decatur County Bank knows that not all of their customers are in the market for a CD, however, they may be at some point.  

The same goes for all of their products and that’s why they send out a monthly newsletter with engaging videos.  They want to be branded as the expert and be top of mind for their customers.

This is a little like a farmer planting seeds, knowing that the harvest will come later.  

Are you planting seeds for the 67% who are not yet your customers?

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