INSURANCE AGENTS can easily do this to increase RENEWALS and LEADS

After our last move to our current house, I decided not to turn the cable on.

I just got a digital antenna and a Roku box.  

Once we had Netflix and a legal way to get ESPN, I realized we were fine without cable.

My wife said we were saving $100/month. 

But then it hit me.

I wasn’t really saving $100/month….I had been losing $100/month for several years!!! 

I had known about these options earlier, however, I simply neglected to anything about it.  

Did you know that you are also writing a check every month?


Allow me a very simple (and yes, generic) example:

Currently, you have 1,000 customers and each has multiple policies making that customer worth $500 each year.

You should be retaining 87% of them, but you only retain 82%.  

That 5% is worth $25,000 each year.

That essentially means you are writing a $25,000 check each year!

Not to mention, the leads that are slipping through your fingers (yes, another simple, yet effective example.)

Right now you are closing 4 leads each week and you know you should be getting 5

One extra customer each week is another $25,000 each year.

That’s another $25,000 check you are writing!

And the kicker?

It would not be that difficult to keep that $50,000 in your pocket.  

In fact, it might take about as much effort as it did for me to get rid of cable:)

You just have to do something about it!

So, what is the number one reason customers will not renew and leads will not buy?



You just haven’t given them a reason to care enough to do anything about it.

Which is really ironic, because that’s also the same reason you are writing that $50,000 check each year.

The more times your customer hears from you throughout the year the less likely they will be to leave.

And no, the aggressive cross-selling promotion that fills their mailbox doesn’t count.

You need fun content that is truly yours, solves their problems, and lets you stand out in a crowd.

Also, the more times you creatively follow up with a lead, the more likely they are to become a customer.

This doesn’t mean you bombard people with sales pitches and junk mail.

They just need a simple reminder that you are here to solve their problem and you can do this regularly in a creative way.

Check out what Jeannie Gregory is doing to retain customers in the face of rising premiums.

Jeannie is staying in front of her current customers more often and in a creative way.  

And check out what the Life Insurance Dr, does to let leads know how he solves their unique problem.

David Kottler immediately stands out in a crowd to potential leads.

So now you have to answer this question.

Do you want to keep writing a $50,000 check every year or do you want to do something fun and keep that extra cash?

You just have to do something about it!

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