2 Simple and Creative Ways to Win Clients in a Ruthless Market

I was stunned to see this.

He had been trying for a couple of years, with little luck.

But now he was a pro.

My four-year old, Lane, has learned to be quite the little swimmer.

We have a pool and we wanted to make sure that our kids had the best lessons possible.

We have always sent them to Carolyn Sweetman, aka The Swim Nazi (yes, I know that name is politically incorrect, but that’s what everyone has called her for 40+ years) at Bubbles and Roll.

It’s basically survival training that leads into proper swimming technique.

You know those videos you’ve seen on Facebook, where some crazy person is tossing a baby in a pool.  It’s kinda like that.  

My two girls are older and have finished their swim lessons.

I wasn’t quite sure my little buddy would ever finish, though.

He never cried or seem discouraged.  

He didn’t really seem to get it either, but he kept doing what he was told to do.  After all, he had seen his sisters have success.

And this year he finally got it!

He went from bobbing around on the pool steps to jumping off the diving board, floating on his back, then swimming to the ladder.

His persistence paid off!

Now to you.

Do you persist with your marketing efforts, even when you don’t get immediate results or do you run back to your comfort zone (aka the swimming pool steps)?

What I often see happen is, we keep up an old marketing technique that hasn’t worked for years, but we are comfortable with it.

  • That social media campaign we keep recycling
  • That generic e-newsletter we outsourced
  • That networking group that feels more like a social club

And I also see people scared to try something new and essentially sabotage it out of the gate with unrealistic expectations.

  • We give up on a new email marketing campaign because it doesn’t generate at least 3 new sales every time.
  • We give up on that Facebook ad campaign because we didn’t get 100 new likes
  • We give up on video because I put it one on my website and didn’t immediately rise to the first page of Google within a week.

We simply sit on the pool steps because we jumped from the diving board one time and didn’t have immediate success.

If you want NEW RESULTS you will have to DO SOMETHING NEW and do it CONSISTENTLY!!!

And this isn’t just for independent hipsters.

Check out Harry Looknanan, Jr.   He works for one of the largest banks in the U.S. and he stepped out of his comfort zone and had a few videos created to set himself apart from his competition.

Also, Jeannie Gregory has one of the top insurance agencies for one of the largest insurance carriers in the U.S. and she doesn’t settle for “the way she has always done it.”  

She is creating content and regularly sharing it with customers and potential customers.

You are tired of being on the pool steps, especially since you know you are a better “swimmer” than your competition.

Don’t let them swim laps around you!

If you want NEW RESULTS you will have to DO SOMETHING NEW and do it CONSISTENTLY!!!

To make sure you are consistent with video, download this FREE Video Marketing Made Simple Checklist.

Would you rather spend time working on your business and not playing the role of video expert too?  Yeah you are!