Video Works, But Can You Prove It?

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This might have been the most absurd conversation I’ve ever had.  

And if you met some of my friends and family, you would know that is quite the accomplishment.

Know matter what statistics I gave or case studies I referred to, he just insisted that I couldn’t prove it, and he knew of someone else that it didn’t work for.



But, I’m still working on getting my 6-year-old to eat any green vegetable possible.
It doesn’t matter that they are good for you.

They’re yucky.

And Pawpaw doesn’t eat them and he’s just fine.

This also happens when I talk to people about video.

  • “It seems cool, but how can I tell if it works?”

  • “I know everybody is saying use video, but will it work for my kind of business?”

At this point, I’ve heard every kind of skeptical question possible about video.

You’ve seen all the stats about video and you may have even tried it yourself with mixed results or not even tried it at all.

Here’s what I know.

If you eat green vegetables, then your body will be happy.

If you use GOOD video (not you talking into your iPhone for 5 minutes) to promote your business, then your checking account will be happy.

Can I prove it?

Here’s what I’ve seen.

Social Media
Live Well Real Estate promoted one of their videos on Facebook and got over 5,000 views and lots of likes, shares, and comments.

As for me, I ran some Facebook ads last year.  The video ads killed the image-only ads.

Ad #1 - Image
shown to 9,960 People
Received 191 Clicks

Ad #2 - Video
shown to 15,763 People
Received 403 Clicks

Ad #3 - Image
shown to 3,779 People
Received 23 Clicks

Ad #4 - Video
shown to 11,559
Received 106 Clicks

I have also started using landing pages for people that contact me for video.

Again, video is the clear winner.

Image Landing Page

video checklist opt in.PNG

Video Landing Page

how does this work opt in.PNG


And check out the graphic below for email marketing results.

email marketing results.PNG

Notice that peak

That’s the video email click thru rate.  The other peaks and valleys are non-video emails.

And that red line?  

That’s the average for email opens.  

That means that the click thru rate on that video email was as high as the average email just getting opened!


Here are a couple of real-world examples how videos resulted in sales.

Michael Sands - Guardian Detective Agency
I have used Charles to create 3 videos for my company and all 3 individually have produced referrals that closed within a week of posting

Julie Yant - P.E.S.T. Inc.
I posted our latest animated video in our monthly newsletter and we not only booked several appointments but sold a couple of large jobs as a result.

And yes, all of these examples got actual sales. However, people don’t buy because of the video.  They buy because of YOU.  

If you have used video in the past and only had mixed results, you may need to take a look at two things:

  • What kind of video did you use? If it was longer than 90 seconds, was it REALLY good? Was it fast-paced? Did it tell a story?

  • How did you use it? Did you use it in email marketing, social media, email follow up, put it on your website where it could actually be seen, etc.?

If you’re waiting for everything to be perfect to use video, you will be waiting forever.  
Your competition is already getting on board and 70%+ of online traffic is video!

There are two types of people in this world.

  1. Open-minded people that know the green veggies (yes, I really mean video) are good for you.

  2. And those who act like a 6-year-old:).

Which are you?


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