No, You Can't Rub My Head


It’s weird.

People think it’s okay to rub my head because it’s shaved (well, bald.)

I can literally meet someone for the first time, and I can tell when they are coming in for the rub.

You know, like I’m a freaking lamp and a genie will come out and grant them their silly wishes.

And if it was, I wouldn’t let you wish for more wishes.

That’s cheating.

Anyways I don’t like it.


I let select friends and family do it.

And that one strange aunt that I rarely see.

She has good days and bad days they say.

You do this too sometimes (well, not rubbing my head).

And yeah, I do too.

But I’m picking on you right now.

You get too personal too fast.

You don’t build the “know, like, and trust” factor.

You go straight for the intimate touch, so to speak.

Don’t believe me?

My inbox has been blown up with people I’ve recently connected with and they say:

-”If you know of anyone that needs a mortgage, I love referrals.”

-”What are your financial goals?”

-”I’d love to sit down with you and review all of your insurance needs.”

-”Can we have a virtual coffee and review your financials?”

These are really personal things!

Yeah, I know that if you don’t ask, you don’t sell.

But you really need to build rapport with the other individual first.

You can only really ask for the personal touch, once you have a personal connection.

Otherwise, you are just rubbing a bald stranger’s head.🤔


This is how you speed up the “know, like, and trust” with people that you have just met.

Farhad Insurance works with high net worth clients, where trust is at a premium. They are using the video below that is very client focused and fast tracks their ability to ask for business!

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I make this painless and fun for you!