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Could your business use a video like this?

Do you know what other businesses are charging for animated video and how long it takes them?

Promoshin - 60 seconds for $1,500 and 4-6 week delivery

Gisteo - 60 seconds for $2,500 and 3-4 week delivery

Ydraw - 60 seconds for $7,500 and 4-5 week delivery

All good companies with good products, but....

I've created this investment and simple process just for YOU!  

Godfather Trilogy


70% of internet traffic is video (Cisco)

80% of internet users will click on video or images in their search results before clicking on anything else (webwalkersolutions)

Adding video to your email campaigns can increase click rates by 300% (Wistia)

The Process - in 3 EASY steps

(You will have a video in less than 10 days, after script approval)


1) You will complete a brief set of questions that will allow me to write the script.  You have unlimited revisions of the script, until it goes to voice over.

2) I take care of the voice-over and create the video in a timely process.  You have final approval and have unlimited revisions, until I send you the video.

3) Once the video is complete, I will send you the video file and you can post it any and everywhere.


I offer free UNLIMITED revisions at each milestone (until your video is delivered), but if you're not 100% satisfied for ANY reason prior to delivery of your video, I can simply cancel your project and refund 100% of your money with no hassle whatsoever!


Godfather Trilogy

What my clients are saying about their video marketing results

Julie Yant - P.E.S.T., Inc. "Charles is helping my company receive results with video marketing. His videos are helping with brand awareness as well as scheduling work as a direct result of sharing them. I posted our latest white board video in our monthly newsletter and we not only booked several appointments but sold a couple of large jobs as a result."


David Kottler - The Life Insurance Dr. - "Charles' work was awesome. It captured what I wanted to communicate in a clear, humorous manner, and has resulted in several advisors calling me to have me work with them. Everyone loved it!"

Paul Winkler - Investment Management Coach  - “I really enjoy working with Charles. He’s really creative and has a great understanding of the operation of a small business and communicating with the public. Everyone who has seen the cartoon videos he has done for me absolutely loves them"

Sandi Sagaser - Inspired Homes "Rarely do you meet someone who values the details of your business and has the most amazing ability to translate that value into a simple, upbeat marketing message. He asks the right questions and listens to the heart of the entrepreneur. The animated videos Charles has produced for me have been a huge win for our team and for our clients. They love the videos and I love."

Victor Gomez.jpg

Victor Gomez - Gomez Insurance - Charles created a video for my agency recently. He was very helpful and after answering a few questions he did the rest. He made the process extremely easy and took less than 2 days. I was extremely pleased with the video and would recommend anyone to Charles.

Winston Collier - The Collier Firm - Charles created a video for my firm that very powerfully tells a story surrounding the services that my firm offers to possible clients. I was able to run it on a loop inside waiting areas of local businesses. I have had a wonderful response to these videos and would recommend Charles to anyone that needs help telling their business' story to prospective clients and customers.

Clayton Barry - Barry & Associates - "Charles did a great job in understanding my story and message concept. He tweaked the storyboard and added a few details both visually and with the sound effects. I'm really very pleased with the results of his professional service. While I was getting the "video explainer" loaded onto my website, the artist helping me watched the video and said, "It's really good. It tells the story well." I have had many favorable comments from viewers who saw it today for the very first time. This media is professional and its affordable and it works... it helps my services stand out. If you have a message to make, you would do well to talk with Charles to see what he can do for you."

Aundrea Wilcox, MBA -Director at KOSBE | Economic Developer | Author | Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

"I needed a "Getting Started Guide" for my new member web site. I contacted Charles, because I needed a creative communication strategy that would cut through the clutter and provide critical information to new site users in a short amount of time. The custom video whiteboard that Charles created for my site does exactly that. It is attention-getting, succinct and effective. Now, new users are engaged immediately upon signing up as a member, and they are more likely to take a tour of member features. Without the whiteboard video, my users had to try to "figure things out" on their own and usually were not successful, which meant they were not taking full advantage of their benefits. Charles solved this problem for me and added tremendous value to my member web site. And, he delivered the completed project sooner than I expected—including my requested revisions. 100% satisfied."


Godfather Trilogy