What you should do about the new overtime rule? 

What you should do about the new overtime law? is a video that can be branded for your business.  It's available on a first-come, first-serve basis to each territory.  

Sheakely - THE HUMAN RESOURCES PEOPLE have jumped on board!

Lora Lin, HR and Risk Management Consultant, "I was really excited to see the video Charles put together that explains the options employers have to respond to the salary exempt increase. Today pictures and videos are more appealing to society and explaining what is happening in this format helps me to generate awareness with my clients and prospects."

This Works!

I did the same thing for financial advisors and you can see the proven results here.

What do you get?

Branding for your firm, with your logo, your website, and your contact information

A headline that is designed to get response

Descriptive text and keywords

Strong call to action


The investment is only $299!

(50% down and 50% upon approval of draft)  

This video more than pays for itself with one small client or additional service to an existing client!

Hit me up immediately to be the first on in your territory to have this video branded for you!