Stop comparing email marketing to email!

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When I started this business, I was more focused on email marketing than video.  

And rightfully so. 

As a busy professional, email marketing is the best bang for your buck. The video you use lets you stand out in a crowd and tell a compelling story.

I’ve since flipped my focus.


Like the ending of LOST, email marketing is misunderstood.

Most busy professionals only focus on who’s not engaging with their emails instead of the warm leads that are trying to give them money.

Here are few real life examples of this (I’ve changed the names to protect the guilty.)  

  • Bob the Banker - "So, from my emailing, it’s not who did tap in and review….but more of the ones that don’t; and if they move me to spam or block me due to getting emails, not good!"
  • Ira the Insurance Agent - "I know we had a 40.3% open rate and a 18.8% click thru (double and triple the national average by the way), but I think that didn't work very well.  I mean, why didn't everyone open the email?  Some people say they didn't even see it.  Maybe this isn't for us."
  • Fred the Financial Advisor - “We only had 90 people click thru and watch the video...we need more.”  Me - “How many people did you send it to?”  Fred -“Oh….um..not sure.  Corporate sent it for me.”

You can't compare email marketing to email.  
Compare email marketing to marketing!

Would you have this same reaction to these other marketing methods?

  • Your direct mail will not be responded to, by everyone.
  • Your TV commercial will not be viewed by everyone.
  • Your newspaper ad will not be seen by everyone.
  • Your radio jingle will not be heard by everyone.

Several clients are having a lot of success by sending high quality content directly to their existing and potential customers.

For example:

Julie Yant   Marketing & Business Development at  P.E.S.T., Inc.

Julie Yant

Marketing & Business Development at P.E.S.T., Inc.

Charles is helping my company receive results with video marketing. His videos are helping with brand awareness, as well as scheduling work, as a direct result of sharing them. I posted our latest video in our monthly newsletter and we not only booked several appointments, but sold a couple of large jobs as a result.

  • Your email marketing will have your personality and be helpful.
  • Your email marketing can be tracked.
  • Your email marketing is very cost effective.
  • Your email marketing will generate warms leads.  Every time!


  • There are 3x more email accounts than Twitter and Facebook accounts combined. (Radicati Group)
  • Email is 40x more successful at acquiring new clients than either Facebook or Twitter.  (McKinsey & Company)

Email marketing works and it NEEDS to be part of your 2017 marketing plan! 

Click below for the done-for-you version of email marketing, plus video.