Generation Gaps by Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Take a look at how Goldilocks and the Three Bears deal with Generation Gaps.
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Let’s consider the different generations each of them represent.

Papa Bear is a Baby Boomer (born 1946-1964)

•They like a lot of structure and specifics.

•Are more apt to appreciate meetings and like to communicate face-to-face.

•They want to know they are valued and needed.

•They are motivated by money and titles and less interested in feedback.

•Tend to be more focused on work, than family.

Mama Bear is Gen X (born 1965-1980)

•May be more entrepreneurial and less interested in structure.

•Want immediate communication and fewer meetings.

•Freedom and time off may be their best reward.

•Want to do things their way and may not be worried about the rules.

•Want a more balanced work and family life.

Baby Bear is a Millennial (born 1981-2000)

•They are participative.

•Want to communicate through technology, i.e email and social media.

•Their reward is meaningful work and whenever they choose it.

•They are motivated by working with sharp and creative people.

•Want a more balanced work and family life.

To work well with others, we need to understand generational differences and learn how to use them effectively in dealing with each person.