3 Ways You are Destroying Your Marketing

In 2000, I heard about this cool new diet called the Atkins Diet.  

Supposedly you could eat all the meat and green stuff you wanted and lose weight.

You had me at meat!

I didn’t really need to shed a lot of pounds, but I was always looking to get in good shape and stay there.

In one week I had lost 8 lbs!  Unfortunately, the following week I gained 10 lbs:(

Quite honestly, I didn’t really understand how this diet worked.

Over the years I tried a few other fads, but I always had unrealistic expectations and never quite stuck with them long enough.

A few years ago my wife and I watched “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. This is a documentary about all the bad stuff we put in our bodies and how one gentleman got better by juicing.

And then an idea went off like a light bulb overhead.  Or in my case a dimly lit fluorescent bulb, but a bulb nonetheless.  

Eat healthy food and exercise consistently!  Why didn’t someone just say that before?:)

My wife got even better results by going to Boot Camp workouts.  Boot Camp is like CrossFit’s little brother.  After having three kids, she decided she didn’t like what she saw in the mirror, so she did something about it.

Now she’s ripped!

This all reminds me of your marketing.

You’ve probably tiptoed around different marketing efforts.

You’re not necessarily “out of shape” in the marketing department, but want to get in great shape and stay there.

Unfortunately, you are destroying your marketing efforts like I was my health, for the same reasons.

1.  You jump into a marketing campaign without understanding it

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Someone promised you unlimited leads, as long as you followed their simple 128 step program. 

Sounded good in the webinar.  Now you have this massive new task list that you’re sure a NASA scientist couldn’t understand.

You need to at least have a basic level understanding of the marketing you are using or you will not stick with it.

2.  You have unrealistic expectations

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For example, if you are a financial advisor and you go in with the expectation that a single piece of marketing, used once or twice, will result in 2-3 new sales, you will almost always be disappointed.  

Let’s say a new client is valued at  $3K/year and you want 3 new customers from doing a $799 video you are really looking for a 1,000% return on investment!!! 

That may be a little unrealistic, especially when your goal is to get an 8-12% ROI for your own clients in the stock market:)

You need to expect that your ROI may take longer than you want, but if you stick with it, you can get steady stock market-like results.

3.  You don’t stick with the program


If you are easily discouraged at the first bump in the road, i.e. “that last LinkedIn article didn’t get as many likes, so LinkedIn must not be working anymore” you can derail all the good work you have been doing.

You need to know that one bad outing shouldn’t make you quit.

Bonus - If you want to get great results with your marketing like my wife did with Boot Camp, video is your tool.

Now like Boot Camp, you do it just once and expect to be ripped. 

You will need a couple of videos and use them regularly.

Your videos can be used with:

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Presentations
  • Email Follow-up
  • Websites

If you decide to not to get with the program of developing good marketing habits and sticking with them, your business could soon be “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”!

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