Running a law firm has become more competitive than ever.

TV, billboards, and the radio are full of law firms that “fight” for you.  

It seems to be harder than ever to stand out in a noisy crowd.

The days of simply having a yellow page ad are over.

You can’t really outspend the big firms and you can’t spend all of your time playing “marketer”.

However, there is one surefire way to show potential clients you are different.


Take Pixar movies for example.  

I have noticed a very familiar theme throughout all of them.  

The main character always has a problem, they are helped by an advisor with a solution, and there is a happy ending.  

The roles are interchangeable with talking cars, toy cowboys, or a clown fish.

Speaking of clown fish, take Finding Nemo for example:

  • The Main Character - Marlin (Nemo’s dad)
  • The Problem - Nemo was captured by scuba divers, so Marlin has to find Nemo
  • The Advisor - Dory, the helpful new friend
  • The Solution - Dory helps Marlin swim to Australia through the East Australian Current to find Nemo
  • The Results - Marlin and Nemo are reunited with the help of Dory and they all live happily ever after.  Or at least until the sequel.

This story is very similar to the way you help your client.  They have a problem, you help them with a solution, and there is a happy ending.  

Stories connect and sell.   

By the way, stories sell 118% better than facts!  

I’ve noticed several highly skilled law offices have videos that talk all about themselves.

They have:

  • Years of experience
  • A dedicated team
  • Good track record
  • To “fight” for you!

All good things by the way.

The issue?  

Most of those things are not client centered.  The client wants an awesome attorney in their corner, however, they are focused on their problems, and want to know that you understand them.

Stating facts, especially facts about yourself, doesn’t assure them of much.

Telling them a story where they are the hero, reassures them that you understand what they are going through and makes them comfortable with you!

Check out how The Collier Firm is using a video to tell their customer’s story.

  • The Main Character - Jason and Amy
  • The Problem - They were in an accident, Jason was seriously injured, and Amy was overwhelmed
  • The Advisor - The Collier Firm
  • The Solution - Winston Collier listened to Jason and Amy, cared about their needs, and kept them informed throughout the process
  • The Results - They got them the money they needed to get through this difficult time and Jason is on the road to recovery

Check out what Winston Collier has to say about it too.
(This is not for self-promotion, but to drive the point about storytelling.  Well, that and maybe a little self-promotion:)

Winston Collier.jpg

"Charles created a video for my firm that very powerfully tells a story surrounding the services that my firm offers to possible clients. I was able to run it on a loop inside waiting areas of local businesses. I have had a wonderful response to these videos and would recommend Charles to anyone that needs help telling their business' story to prospective clients and customers."


He has a strategy for using this video and is getting business as a result.

So think about your firm.

  • Does your website tell a story?
  • Does your marketing tell a story?
  • Does the video you use tell a story?  If it does, whose story is it; yours or your customer’s story? And by the way, 70% of online traffic is video!

If the answer is no, then it is time to tell a story that connects with your customer and gives them a happy ending.

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